7artisans Photoelectric 46mm UV Protection Filter

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    1. Clear Protection Filter
    2. Prevents Damage to Lens
    3. 95% Light Transmission
    4. AGC Optical Glass
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    Keep your lens protected by adding a UV Protection Filter from 7artisans Photoelectric. It is a clear filter that should have no negative effect on image quality and is has a six-layer multi-coating that will cut UV light to eliminate a blue cast in bright daylight.

    This filter features a 46mm thread for mounting and is constructed from AGC optical glass and aluminum. The filter is designed to be ultra thin to avoid vignetting with select lenses.

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      Shenzhen 7artisans Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd, Minle Industrial Park, Shenzhen, 518000, Guangdong.

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    • 7artisans Photoelectric 46mm Uv Protection Filter