Datacolor ColorReader EZ Color Matching Tool


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    1. Ideal for Matching Paint Colors
    2. 85% Matching Success on Most Fan Decks
    3. Bluetooth LE Connectivity
    4. Use in Conjunction with ColorReader App
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  • Description

    An easy to use color matching tool, the ColorReader EZ Color Matching Tool from Datacolor offers a mixture of high precision along with flexibility via a dedicated app platform. This device is intended for matching colors to popular fan decks from a wide variety of paint manufacturers, and it offers 85% accuracy for assured use. The ColorReader EZ connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth and is operated via the ColorReader app, free to download for either Android or iOS. Get accurate color matches to the top paint brands and Savage Universal backgrounds as well as CIE Lab, RGB, and Hex color values.

    Compatible Devices -

    • iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS version 9.3 or higher
    • Smartphones running Android 6.0 or higher

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  • specifications

    • Bluetooth


    • Power Source

      Battery (Included)

    • Battery Type

      2 x CR2032

    • Certifications

      C-Tick, CE, as per Manufacturer

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