Godox UMic82 Multi-Pattern Desktop USB Condenser Microphone

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    1. For Vocal, Speech & Instrument Capture
    2. For USB-Equipped Computers and Devices
    3. Cardioid, Omni, Bidirectional & Stereo
    4. 3.5mm Headphone Jack for Monitoring
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  • Description

    Godox UMic82 desktop USB condenser microphone offers versatility and quality sound capture for podcasters, content creators, singers, and musicians using Mac or Windows computers for their productions.

    Cardioid mode is ideal for recording one speaker or a solo performer in front of the mic while rejecting background noise behind the mic, whereas the omnidirectional setting captures sound from 360° around the capsule, great for situations where multiple people are gathered near the mic. The bidirectional mode picks up speakers or vocalists on each side of the mic, while the stereo mode offers two-channel capture for a pronounced stereo effect when desired.

    The UMic82 boasts a built-in grille to reduce pops from vocal plosives, a gain knob for optimizing the mic level, and a mute button to cut the mic signal between performances or sections. Also, the mic features a 3.5mm headphone jack for convenient real-time audio monitoring. ...

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  • specifications

    • Primary Applications

      Podcast, Web-Streaming, Recording to Mobile Device

    • Form Factor


    • Intended Sound Sources

      Vocals, Speech/Voice Over

    • Sound Field

      Mono, Stereo

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