Godox Parabolic Softbox AD-S85S


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  • Highlights

    1. Silver & Gold Reflector
    2. Warm or Cool Look Depends on Reflector
    3. Parabolic Deep Design for Rapid Falloff
    4. Fabric Grid Allows Selective Lighting
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  • Description


    The Parabolic Softbox AD-S85S for ad400pro from Godox measures 33.5\" and allows you to choose between a silver or gold softbox (umbrella) by including both. If you want a cool-toned look with snappy contrast, attach the silver reflector inside the umbrella. If you want a soft, warm rendition attach the gold reflector. The removable front diffuser makes it easy.

    The AD-S85S shape has a deep design to output the soft light you're seeking but with a sharp falloff to make feathering and edge-lighting simple. The fabric grid thwarts spill light and gives further directional control necessary for selective lighting.


    Resembling a tulip cup, the very deep canopy of this softbox allows you to control precisely wh...

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  • specifications

    • Item Type

      33.5" Parabolic Softbox (16-Sided Hexadecagon Shape)

    • Interior Color

      Gold, Silver

    • Light Compatibility

      Includes Speed Ring with Godox Mount

    • Quick Open Type

      Umbrella Style

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