Godox S30-D 3X S30 Focusing Continuous Light Kit

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  • Highlights

    1. Godox uses aspheric optics for output that's even from edge to edge.
    2. Coverage is adjustable from 6 to 55 degrees.
    3. The S30 is dimmable from 10 to 100%.
    4. The S30 runs on the included AC adapter, optional NP-F-type batteries, or a power bank with USB cable.
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  • Description

    Godox has put together this comprehensive S30-D Focusing LED 3-Light Kit to provide shooters with a complete lighting system that's road-ready. The kit includes three S30 LED lights each with barndoors, a power adapter, and a light stand. For precise, almost "surgical" lighting, the kit includes the optical Projection Attachment with an 85mm lens. Godox also provides a full complement of accessories for it including an iris, set of framing shutters, gobo set with holder, and a scrim set. Two softboxes are also included, as are a Color Effects Gel Set and a Color Temperature Adjustment Gel Set. Two bags are provided, one for the light stands and another for the S30s and accessories.

    • Godox uses aspheri...
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  • specifications

    • Package Dimensions

      ‎51.8 x 47.5 x 30.3 cm

    • Item Weight

      ‎15 kg 600 g

    • Country of Origin


    • Manufacture

      GODOX Photo Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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  • Products In The Box

    • S30-d: 3x S30 Light Body
    • 3x Adapter
    • 3x Power Cord
    • 3x Sa-08 Barndoor Set
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  • Features

    GODOX S30 Focusing LED Light -

    GODOX S30 Focusing LED Light is a suitable light source for video lighting, interviewing, headshot, still life photography, portrait, wedding photography and pre-wedding photography, and also a good choice for enthusiasts who want creative lighting etc.

    SA-P Projection Attachment:

    SA-P specially design for Godox S30 focusing LED Video Light. Projection Attachment, giving the ability to project a controlled beam of light. Lightweight and portable, easy attach and convenient to carry.

    SA-30 Softbox:

    SA-30 specially designed for Godox S30 focusing LED video light. SA-30 softbox offer soft and even light effects. Size: 30*30cm/ 11.8*11.8in, with grid.

    SA-08 Barndoor Set:

    SA-08 specially designed for Godox S30 focusing LED video light. Adjustable leaves for more flexible usage. Be able to precisely control and shape the light beam as required.

    Power supplied

    Power supplied by DC adapter (15/4A), The power of the S30 is 30W when powered by the 15V / 4A DC adapter

    Li-ion Battery -

    Supply by Li-ion Battery (Sony NP-970/F950/F930) (7.4V) (Not Included), Note: The power of the S30 is 10 W when powered from the Li-ion battery or Power Bank.

    Power bank

    Supply by power bank with a USB cable (5V/2A) (Not Included)