Godox Umbrella Softbox-AD-S65W


    • Ad-s65w
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    1. Time-Saving Quick-Folding Mechanism
    2. Gold & Silver Internal Reflector
    3. Honeycomb Grid
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    This Parabolic Softbox in white from Godox measures 25.6\" and offers a broad light source with its octagonal shape. Light wraps around your subject yielding clean highlights and rich open shadows. The special shape of the softbox provides a unique mix of soft enveloping light with the kind of crisp detail you only get from reflectors. The quick-open design allows you to set up, break down, and quickly move on. Removable silver and gold interior panels are provided to warm or cool the color balance, and the honeycomb grid enables selective lighting. The softbox has a Godox mount that is compatible with lights such as the AD400Pro.

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    • Requires Speed Ring

      Speed Ring Included

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