Lensbaby OMNI Crystal Expansion Pack

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    1. For OMNI Creative Filter System
    2. Produces Creative Reflections and Flare
    3. Crystal Spear Effect Wand
    4. Triangular Prism Effect Wand
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    Complement the Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System with this OMNI Crystal Expansion Pack. Containing an additional three glass Effect Wands, this pack offers even more unique, colorful, and ethereal effects to add to your collection.

    Effect Wands

    • The Crystal Spear is a versatile wand, designed to produce a range of effects from bright specular highlights to kaleidoscope reflections to an aesthetic flare.
    • The Triangular Prism produces fun, surprising, and colorful reflections, which can be adjusted by shooting through the differently sized sides of the prism.
    • The Scalloped Window offers flare and reflection effects due to the scalloped edges and the flat center of the pane keeps your subject visible and recognizable.

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    • Lensbaby Omni Crystal Expansion Pack
    • Crystal Spear Wand
    • Triangular Prism Wand
    • Scalloped Window Wand
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