Lensbaby OMNI Universal Expansion Pack with Reflections

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    1. Produces Creative Reflections and Flare
    2. Holds Objects in Front of Lens
    3. Includes Four Mounting Clamps & Handles
    4. Includes Eleven Filter Inserts
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    The OMNI Universal Expansion Pack with Reflections from Lensbaby adds a multitude of configurable effects to the custom-designed special effects already available with the OMNI filter system. Two low-profile universal clamps and two universal clamps with handles let you mount flat or cylindrical items up to 1/4" thick. In addition to the four universal clamps, this Universal Expansion Pack gives you two more magnetic bases plus a wide array of reflective inserts to get you started. Eleven reflective inserts can be bent to distort reflections in the shape and size of your choice providing limitless creative options.

    See-Through Silver Trapezoid Insert

    Provides long and short edges and a partially-mirrored surface, making reflections of in-or-out-of-scene subjects across the full length or height of your image.

    See-Through Silver Swiss Cheese Insert


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    • Lensbaby Omni Universal Expansion Pack With Reflections
    • See-through Silver Trapezoid Insert
    • See-through Silver Swiss Cheese Insert
    • Silver & Gold Swiss Cheese Insert
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