Moza Mini MX 2 Smartphone Gimbal


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  • Highlights

    1. Foldable 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal
    2. Automatic Clamp Detects Smartphone
    3. Hand-Gesture Control for Selfies
    4. Supports Phones up to 3.5" Wide
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  • Description

    Smartphone shooters can capture, edit, and share smooth and stable footage with the foldable Mini MX2 Gimbal and its accompanying app from Moza. Designed for those who are on the move, this three-axis motorized device helps reduce the distracting camera shake that occurs when walking, skateboarding, and even when standing perfectly still.

    Using the foldable tripod and Fast Tracking mode enables you to capture yourself in action, then use the app to quickly edit and add music to the clip. Automated features, like the rotating Inception mode, are sure to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

    Three-Axis Gimbal:

    This technology, which evolved quickly as a result of the drone revolution, has found its way into handheld stabilizers made for smartphones. Get the profe...

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  • specifications

    • Number of Axes

      3-Axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)

    • Rotation Range

      Yaw (Pan): 340° Pitch (Tilt): 140° Roll: 300°

    • Load Capacity

      280 g

    • Smartphone Dimensions

      60 to 88 mm

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  • Products In The Box

    • Moza Mini Mx 2 Smartphone Gimbal
    • Charging Cable
    • Mini Tripod
    • Wrist Strap
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  • Features

    Smart Gesture Control

    Enjoy hands-free shooting with Smart Gesture Control. Use simple hand gestures to trigger the shutter and start/stop recording.

    The Spiral Folding Design

    The classic MOZA spiral folding design allows you to travel everywhere with the Mini MX2. The folding size is no bigger than a notebook and can be easily stored in the handbag or even your pocket. Take MOZA Mini MX2, place the world in your palm.

    Instant Portrait and Landscape Transition

    The smart transition design enables you to transit from portrait to landscape orientation in a second. Triple press the power button; the gimbal will easily switch between portrait and landscape filming to quickly adapt to various shooting scenes. Save time and never miss incredible moments.

    Impressive Stabilization

    With the upgrade of the MOZA classic "Deep Red" anti-shake algorithm, the stabilization of the gimbal now reaches a new level. MOZA Mini MX2 enables you to provide stable and smooth shots even under extreme shaking environments.

    Advanced Options

    Introduce the World's First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal- MOZA Mini MX2. The innovation of the auto-sense phone holder can precisely clamp and release your phone automatically and provide you an extraordinary hands-free shooting experience.


    AI face recognition for smarter shooting: With a single trigger button, the built-in AI algorithm can automatically recognize faces and lock them quickly, allowing you to easily track a person's every move. • Behaviour recognition: recognizes specific gestures through lens capture and automatically trigger functions such as taking photos and videos, freeing your hands to make shooting smarter • Panorama shooting: automatic super wide-angle panoramic shots • Slow motion: details of motion appear in minute detail • Time-lapse photography: a unique way to feel the passage of time and changes in the landscape

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