Moza Slypod Motorized Monopod


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    1. Motorized 2-in-1 Slider and Monopod
    2. 11" Telescoping Travel Distance
    3. 9 lb Horizontal Rated Payload, 22 lb Max
    4. 20 lb Vertical Rated Payload, 40 lb Max
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    An innovative 2-in-1 camera support, the Moza Slypod can be used as a motorized slider or a monopod. Featuring an integrated tripod plate along its length, it can be mounted on a tripod horizontally and used as a motorized slider. It telescopes out 11\" at assignable speeds with smooth, steady, and quiet movement thanks to a built-in geared motor with algorithms. In this mode it supports up to 9 lb, allowing you to attach everything from an action cam to a full-size cine camera, as well as a gimbal with a camera.

    The telescoping movement is set up via an iOS/Android app in assigned travel routes or repeatable movements. (Please see limitations in app compatibility in the Notes section below.) Speeds can be designated from an ultra-slow minimum of 0.15mm per second to up to 28mm per second. 9 lb is the rated safety payload, while the max payload is 22 lb. You ...

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  • specifications

    • Load Capacity

      9 lb / 4.08 kg (Horizontal) 20 lb / 9.07 kg (Vertical)

    • Travel Distance

      11" / 27.94 cm

    • Tripod Mounting

      2 x 1/4"-20 Female Thread 1 x 3/8"-16 Female Thread

    • Diameter

      2.13" / 5.4 cm

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