Peak Design Travel Camera Cube (Medium)

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    1. For Peak Design Travel Bags
    2. Removable, Versatile Gear Compartment
    3. Mountable within Compatible Travel Bag
    4. Aligns with Travel Bag Openings
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    This medium Travel Camera Cube from Peak Design is part of a compartment system that enhances the ability to organize the contents of a Peak Design Travel-Series bag. Specifically designed to store camera, video, audio, or digital media equipment, it can accommodate up to two DSLR cameras each with a battery grip and a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, or up to two mirrorless cameras and eight lenses, or up to two medium-sized folding drone kits.

    Equipment placed within this Travel Camera Cube's non-abrasive interior can be arranged using its eight padded, touch-tab dividers. A movable, touch-tab pocket is also provided to hold batteries, memory cards, or other small accessories against the inside of this Travel Camera Cube. When placing the Travel Camera Cube itself within a compatible Travel-Series bag, four included Peak Design C-Clips allow it to become a securely mounted compartment. The Travel Camera Cube is then prevented from sh...

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      Peak Design

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    • Peak Design Travel Camera Cube (Medium)
    • 8 X Divider
    • Internal Movable Pocket
    • 4 X C-clip
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