Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2 (30L, Charcoal)

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    1. Versatile, Size-Adjustable Backpack
    2. Adjustable Height from 20.4" to 24.5"
    3. Top Flap with Magnetic Latch System
    4. Dual Side-Access Panels
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    This 30L, Charcoal Everyday Backpack v2 from Peak Design is a versatile bag that is designed for photographers, multimedia creators, or anyone whose carrying requirements can benefit from its compressible, size-adjustable design that minimizes bulk or can be expanded as needed. Multiple magnetic latches for its top flap allow this backpack to vary from 20.4" to 24.5" in height, while inside, three dividers allow items to be stacked within the main compartment. The dividers also feature foldout surfaces that can be configured to cushion and hold items against either of the Everyday Backpack v2's zippered side openings. Since the side openings are positioned to face the wearer when the bag is rotated from one's back to front with either side facing upward, the dividers provide the ability to ensure which items can be most quickly accessed from the bag's sides.

    When this Everyday Backpack v2 is worn, a zippered sleeve with ded...

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      Peak Design

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    • Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 (30l)
    • 3 X Dividers
    • 2 X Short External Carry Straps
    • 2 X Long External Carry Straps
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