Peak Design Travel Tripod Tool Kit TT-HW-BT-1

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    1. 2.5 and 4mm Hex Wrench Sizes
    2. Hex Wrench Folds Compact
    3. Remove Center Column
    4. Remove Ball Head Pins
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    Maintain your Travel Tripod with the Peak Design Tool Kit, which includes a stainless steel hex wrench that has 2.5 and 4mm sizes. The wrench helps to remove the center column, so the tripod can drop to a lower shooting position, it removes ball head pins, it installs a universal head adapter and a spike foot set, and it retightens the leg cam levers on the tripod. The kit also includes a leg clip that stores the folding hex wrench on the tripod leg and a bushing tool that removes inner bushings from the Travel Tripod's legs.

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      Peak Design

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    • Peak Design Travel Tripod Tool Kit
    • Folding Hex Wrench
    • Bushing Removal Tool
    • Hex Wrench Leg Clip