Ravemen Bicycle Rear Light CL06

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  • Highlights

    1. Highly efficient COB LED with max 50 LED lumens
    2. Built-in light sensor to activate max output for warning when detecting headlights from rear approaching vehicles
    3. Built-in brake sensor to activate max output for warning when braking
    4. Auto power save and indicator for low battery
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  • Description

    Eye-catching Warning Flash with Brake Sensor and Light Sensor.

    CL06 is a lightweight and easy-to-use rear light. Featuring four sets of COB LEDs and built-in sensors, it provides max of 50 LED lumens on warning flashing mode, great for busy night street commuting or city riding. With the flexible rubber strap mount and mounting clip, the light could be mounted to round and aero Seatpost or clipped to some compatible saddlebags or backpacks directly.

  • specifications

    • LED

      COB LED

    • Battery

      500mAh/3.7V rechargeable Li-polymer battery

    • Dimensions (light unit)


    • Weight


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  • Features

    Four sets of highly efficient COB LEDs and various modes.

    By laying out the COB LED in a cross way, CL06 provides a larger lighting area and creates more significant visibility for riders. This design also helps to create more different combinations of flashing modes for various needs

    Built-in brake and light sensors.

    When detecting braking or headlights(>50lux) from rear approaching vehicles, the brake or light sensor will activate the eye-catching warning flashing mode with max 50 lumens to boost the rider's visibility to maximum

    Easy-to-use mounting clip.

    Slide the light in or out from the mount easily; It can also be clipped to some compatible saddle bags or backpacks directly.

    Flexible rubber strap mount

    Integrated one-piece design with great compatibility for both round and aero seatpost. It could be also mounted to certain helmets.

    USB-C charging port

    Reversible connector to charge the light easily and no need to flip around looking for the correct orientation