Samyang V-AF 75mm T1.9 FE Lens for Sony E

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  • Highlights

    1. World's first cine lens with autofocus
    2. Extremely fast with beautiful bokeh
    3. Custom switch for aperture control
    4. Focus Hold Button for individual assignment
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  • Description

    The new era of cine lenses

    Uniform positioning of the aperture/focus ring makes lens changes quick and easy. Uniform weight distribution also eliminates the need to recalibrate gimbals, so shooting can continue immediately. The compact size of 73 x 70 mm and the low weight of 280g make handling the lenses simple and easy.

    Integrated Tally Lamp

    On the front as well as on the left side of the lens, small lights indicate if recording is in progress, ensuring uninterrupted video shooting. Once recording starts on the camera, the lights automatically change from green to red, signaling to everyone on set, both in front of and behind the camera, that recording is in progress.

    8K Support & Color Tone

    The new V-AF series supports resolutions up to 8K - all in a small and lightweight format that's well-suited for use with gimbals and drones, as well as for vlogging and shooting on the g...

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  • specifications

    • Lens connection

      Sony E

    • Developed for

      Full Frame

    • Suitable for Sensor

      APS-C, Full Frame

    • Crop Factor


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