Samyang MF 35mm F1.4 AS UMC Nikon F Manual Focus lens


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  • Highlights

    1. Capture the bright and real world with powerful and comfortable functions
    2. Bright F1.4 Aperture
    3. Aspherical Lens
    4. Minimized Flare and Ghost Effects with Ultra Multi Coating
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  • Description


    The optical design of the Samyang 35 mm F1.4 UMC lens is 12 elements arranged in 10 groups and includes 2 high refractive lens(HR). The inclusion of an glass aspherical lens(ASP) minimizes color aberration, and Ultra Multi Coating(UMC) provides high contrast and trustworthy color reproduction. It is designed according to floating system to preserve high image quality and resolution within close focusing distance.

    An aperture control motor and CPU chip is installed within 35mm F1.4 AS UMC Canon AE lens to assist Auto Exposure(AE) for Canon cameras. The aperture can be controlled from camera body thanks to the motor and chip. Also the appropriate focus is guided with indicator light.

    This lens is supplied with front and rear lens caps, petal-type lens hood (which is reversible for transporting) and a soft lens pouch. Filter size is 77mm.

    Available for 9 camera mounts: Canon EF, Canon M, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony A, Sony E, MFT, Sa...

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  • specifications

    • Model Name

      35mm F1.4 AS UMC

    • Aperture Range

      F1.4 ~ 22

    • Optical Construction


    • Minimum Focusing Distance

      0.3 m (0.98ft)

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