Tatonka Euro Wallet Rfid B Black Travel Accessory


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  • Highlights

    1. Opens out, with hook-and-loop fastening
    2. Fits to ID card
    3. External zipped compartment for coins
    4. Slot for memory card
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  • Description

    Open-out wallet with lots of compartments and integrated read protection. The new RFID technology is advancing: data stored electronically on RFID chips that are used, for instance, on debit and credit cards, mobile phones, passports and ID cards, is read quickly and without physical contact using remote technology. However, this also attracts criminal interest, so you should protect any of your documents and devices that have this feature. There is plenty of space in the Euro Wallet for notes, business and credit cards. And there’s a separate compartment for change as well.

    Additional information:

    With the CRYPTALLOY® foil Tatonka uses a film that offers maximum shielding against relevant frequencies (from 100 kHz to 4 GHz; this means low, high and ultrahigh frequency range) and due to a frequency shift distu...

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  • specifications

    • Measurements

      10 x 14 x 2 cm

    • Weight

      70 g

    • Fabric 1

      T-Square Rip FD

    • Fabric 2