Tatonka Great Escape 75 Plus 10 Titan Grey Trekking Backpack

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  • Highlights

    1. Y1 Carrying System
    2. Back carrying system that can be stowed away
    3. Divided main and bottom compartments
    4. Ergonomically formed, padded shoulder straps
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  • Description

    Tatonka Great Escape 75+10 – the travel expert with coverable carrying system and integrated daypack:

    Its backpack system and the separately usable front daypack make the Tatonka Great Escape travel backpack the perfect travel companion for air travel.

    Individually adjustable carrying system – can be covered for air travel:

    The 75 liter backpack is equipped with the adjustable Y1 Carrying System. It transfers the load from the shoulders to the ergonomically shaped hip belt, and you can adjust it to your own back length for back-friendly carrying. The entire carrying system can be stowed behind a cover integrated into the backpack for transport on the plane. The travel backpack is therefore optimally protected during transport i...

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  • specifications

    • Measurements

      74 x 33 x 23 cm

    • Volume

      75 l + 10 l

    • Weight

      2,30 kg

    • Carrying system 1


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