Tatonka Brand Noras 65 Plus 10 Black


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  • Highlights

    1. Y1 Carrying System
    2. Snow guard with two drawstrings under the lid
    3. Divided main and bottom compartments
    4. Fixation for hiking poles
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  • Description


    Trekking backpack with 65+10 liter volume, an adjustable carrying system and a large front opening. Suitable for trekking trips and traveling.

    Tatonka trekking backpack Noras 65+10 for loads up to 20 kilograms

    The robust Tatonka Noras 65+10 trekking backpack is a reliable companion on trekking tours and backpacking trips, and it is also very suitable as a travel backpack.

    Adjustable Y1 carrying system for loads up to 20 kilograms

    The backpack can be carried comfortably in a load range of up to 20 kilograms. As with all Tatonka trekking and touring backpacks, the carrying system can be adapted to your back length. Then it transfers the load optimally to the hip area, and shoulders and back are relieved.

    Backpack with large zip front opening

    The trekking backpack is equipped with a large zipper opening on the front ...

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  • specifications

    • Measurements

      78 x 32 x 22 cm

    • Volume

      65 l + 10 l

    • Weight

      2 kg

    • Carrying system 1


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  • Features

    TEXTREME 6.6

    Composition 100% Polyester

    The textured polyester material in 600 den threads is robust, colourfast and versatile. PU-coated to achieve a weatherproof finish.


    Composition 100% Polyamide

    The high-tear and abrasion-resistant RipStop fabric shows a lively surface due to the irregularly interwoven thicker threads. The material is waterproof by PU coating and is used for backpacks.