Tatonka Brand Yukon Light 60 Plus 10 Black


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    1. V2 Carrying System
    2. Equipped with RECCO® reflector
    3. Removable section between main and bottom compartment
    4. Fixation for hiking poles
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    Very lightweight trekking backpack with high-performance V2 Carrying System and made of extremely lightweight, highly tear-resistant T-Dia Rip material. The RECCO® reflector placed on the lid enables rescue organizations to quickly locate missing persons using a helicopter detector.

    Ultralight trekking backpack with RECCO® reflector: The Tatonka Yukon LT 60+10 RECCO

    For gram counters, we have developed the Yukon Lt 60+10 RECCO – the weight-optimized version of our successful trekking classic. Thanks to the innovative, super-light and highly tear-resistant T-DIA Rip material and reduced features, the 60-liter backpack weighs just 2 kilograms.

    Carrying system for loads up to 25 kilograms

    The proven V2 carrying system offers excellent load transfer to the pelvic area and a top fit. It can be adjusted to your own back length and ensures back-friendly carryi...

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  • specifications

    • Measurements

      82 x 34 x 22 cm

    • Volume

      60 l + 10 l

    • Weight

      2 kg

    • Carrying system 1


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  • Features


    Composition 93% Polyamide, 7% Polyethylene

    Lightweight, abrasion-resistant ripstop fabric with woven diamond pattern. Stronger polyethylene warp and weft threads make this backpack fabric extremely tear and cut resistant.

    TEXAMID 1.0

    Composition 100% Polyamide

    Lightweight materials need thin fibres. Strong fabrics need high-strength fibres. So it makes sense to use 100 den Nylon fibre. Thanks to the PU-silicone coating, the tear resistance is increased by a further approx. 20%.

    420 HD NYLON

    Composition 100% Polyamide

    The classic 420 den Nylon material has proved itself in the “high density” (HD) version as a good, very flexible basic material. The 420 den yarn gives it a very high tear resistance. The material is made waterproof by the triple PU coating.

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