Tatonka Yukon X1 85 Plus 10 Stone Gray Olive Trekking Backpack

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    1. X1 Carrying System
    2. Equipped with RECCO® reflector
    3. Snow guard with two drawstrings under the lid
    4. Divided main and bottom compartments
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  • Description

    Tatonka trekking backpack Yukon X1 85+10 with extremely powerful carrying system for high loads and RECCO® emergency reflector:

    Tatonka’s largest trekking backpack, with a volume of 85 litres, is suitable for extended trekking tours or expeditions where extensive equipment is required. This large backpack is also ideal for long backpacker trips. The backpack is equipped with a RECCO® reflector so that you can be found in the wild in an emergency.

    Optimized X1 Carrying System for loads over 25 kilograms:

    We have made the powerful X1 Carrying System of the Yukon X1 85+10 lighter with new materials. The seamlessly molded, ergonomically shaped back with three different hardness zones and the three-dimensionally shaped hip belt offe...

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  • specifications

    • Measurements

      86 x 38 x 24 cm

    • Volume

      85 l + 10 l

    • Weight

      3,25 kg

    • Carrying system 1


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