Tifosi Crit Black/Red Clarion Red Fototec

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    1. LENS TECHNOLOGY ➤ Vented lenses increase airflow to help prevent fogging. Shatterproof and scratch resistant (not scratch proof) lenses with UVA / UVB protection from harmful UV Rays
    2. AVAILABLE LENS OPTIONS ➤ Interchangeable, Fototec, Polarized, Enliven Golf, Readers
    3. LIGHT FRAME ➤ Only 31 grams made of Grilamid TR-90, durable and lightweight for all day comfort.
    4. FRAME TECHOLOGY ➤ Fully adjustable hydrophilic rubber nose and ear pads that increase grip the more you sweat. Tifosi Glide technology allows the frame to slide on comfortably and provide an anti-bounce fit
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    Gear up for unparalleled performance with Crit, the ultimate sports sunglasses meticulously crafted for athletes. Elevate your game with cutting-edge features that make Crit the ideal companion for your active lifestyle.

    Aerodynamic Design For Peak Performance

    Stay ahead of the competition with Crit's aerodynamic design, providing a streamlined edge as you conquer your favorite sports. Engineered lens ventilation ensures optimal airflow, preventing fogging and maintaining crystal-clear vision, even during intense activities.

    Customizable Fit For Every Athlete

    Crit understands that each athlete is unique. Customize your sunglasses with adjustable arm and nose pieces to securely fit your face shape, ensuring comfort and stability throughout your athletic endeavors. Our hydrophilic rubber technology tightens as you sweat, delivering a secure fit tha...

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  • specifications

    • Frame

      Light & Durable Grilamid TR-90

    • Lens

      Clarion Red Fototec – Shatterproof polycarbonate lens that repels water with a tint that starts nearly clear and darkens in sunlight to a smoke tint with red mirror

    • VLT (Visible Light Transmission)


    • Features

      Vented half frame, fully adjustable nose & ear pads, hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pads that increase grip the more you sweat

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