TTArtisan Light Meter II (Black)

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    1. Shoe Mount for Camera-Top Attachment
    2. Reads Reflected Light at 45°
    3. 1 to 1/2000 Second Shutter Speeds
    4. Easy Double Dial Operation
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    The black, aircraft aluminum TTArtisan Light Meter II is an ultra-compact, cold-shoe mountable light meter designed for analog film cameras. With its sleek, retro profile, it offers simple operation via two easy-access dials and supports shutter speed readings of 1 to 1/2000 of a second, ISO of 25 to 6400, and apertures of f/1 to f/22, all in half-step increments.

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    • 1 X Ttartisan Light Meter Ii (Black)
  • Features

    Easy to Use

    23-Stop Shutter Speed

    Clicked Aperture Dials

    Double Power Saving

    Cold Shoe Mount

    45 degree Average Metering

    Indicator Light + Two Dials

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