Sony MHC-V43D High Power Audio System With Bluetooth Technology(Karaoke ,Gesture Control, Party Light)

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    Feel your music in every corner with Spread Sound, produced by High-efficiency Tweeters and High-efficiency Midrange, then turn on the colourful Party Light and Speaker Light. Have more fun with Party Playlist and Karaoke Ranking through our Fiestable app


    Spread great sound all over the party 

    With Spread Sound, two High-efficiency Tweeters and Mid-range Drivers will spread your music wider and higher from the front of the unit, so all of your guests will enjoy a rich, clear sound. 

    Two High-efficiency Tweeters fill your venue with sound

    The two High-efficiency Tweeters that use horn tweeters on the front of the MHC-V43D expand the ...

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