Vanguard Abeo Plus 323 AB Aluminium Tripod with BBH-200 Ball Head


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    1. Aluminum Alloy Construction
    2. Leg Angles of 25, 50, and 80 Degrees
    3. Angled Rubber Feet With Snow/Sand Shoes
    4. Quick Height Adjustment Center Column
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    The Abeo Plus 323AB Tripod With BBH-200 Ballhead from Vanguard is a reliable aluminum alloy tripod equipped with a magnesium SBH-200 professional ballhead. A unique Quick Height Adjustment center column allows you to change the height of the tripod quickly and with a minimum of effort. Just flip the lever lock open, raise or lower the central column to the desired height, and flip the lock closed. Tension Adjustable Leg Locks provide secure and rapid locking of the legs, and they can be tightened or loosened according to your personal preference. Each leg can also adjust independently to a 25-, 50-, or 80-degree angle.


    The rubber feet on the legs have an angled design that gives you the perfect grip, whether in the studio or on uneven natural terrain. Built-in interchangeable spikes give y...

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  • specifications

    • Load Capacity

      26.4 lb (12 kg)

    • Maximum Height

      65.15" (191 cm)

    • Maximum Height w/o Column Extended

      75.19" (134.5 cm)

    • Folded Length

      30.75" (78 cm)

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